by Tasha D. Staggers

Using a political correct phrase and creating a story of finding social and sexual comfort


Why have one slice of when life when you can two?

            Simone (who is the main character in the story as well the narrator) has tried hard to find love the same way the other women in her life have done it by being somewhat submissive and not to spend any money.  Between the ages of 20 -29, she bounced from boyfriend to boyfriend and all ending with tragic breakups.  So on the night of her 30th birthday, she makes a promise to herself that she will find a new male companion by being friends first and making intimacy not as necessity.  It would be more like a “benefit” that comes with the friendship package.

            Uses car salesmanGary is a Long Island native who meets up with Simone one night on a telephonechat line.  After months of communicating, he and Simone finally meet up and that is when she realizes that he’s unemployed and is living off his elderly aunt.  This at first turns off Simone until she finds out how good Gary’s “benefits” are.

            When Simone sees that Gary is not making an effort in their “friendship” and continues to go half way she decides to find a new friend.  It is through an online sight that she meets Bobby, a mild-mannered accountant from Rye, New York who unlike Gary is more outgoing and romantic with Simone. Their friendship takes a turn when after an afternoon of lovemaking Simone assumes that Bobby had died after getting no reaction from him.  After leaving hiim naked and alone in his apartment Simone goes back to Gary and makes him her permanent friend with benefits.  Or does she?

            “TALE OF TWO LOVERS………” is a lively story that will keep readers with their mouths open and will keep their imaginations running fast like an amusement park ride with many points for discussion.